Lucie embodies government that is truly
“by the people, and for the people.”

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David Hernandez

LA Hispanic Republican Club

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Jennnifer Horn

Talk Radio Personality

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Ben Volotzky

Small Business Owner

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Genny Sand

Connect the Dots

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Pastor Jerry Cook

Freedom’s Way Baptist Church

Lucie Lapointe Volotzky for Congress 2022

Mission Statement

I want to restore the American Dream that existed when I came to California. Our government has failed us. Now, we must take it back.


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The Issues

Illegal immigration brings crime, drugs and human trafficking to our neighborhoods. We need to close the border so they can come in the right way, the legal way.

We have the highest inflation in 40 years. It was caused by printing too much money, and that devalues the dollar, which gives us the higher cost of goods, foods, and health care. We need to bring back the corporation from overseas and create jobs.

Homelessness encourages tents on our sidewalks and pathways. We need more shelters and rehabilitation groups. Some religious groups are doing their part, but we need more.

Our parental rights are under attack in our schools. The government has no business determining our children’s futures.

Parents know what’s best for educating their children. Let’s fight for School Choice.

Public Safety has been hurt by defunding the police. Criminals have been released, and more and more men and women in uniform been murdered. I say don’t defund the police, defend the police! We have to stand with our men and women in uniform to protect our cities, state, and country.

In the last 40 years, we have lost so many small businesses, and one reason is the trade imbalance with China. In 1990 the census reported the imbalance was $10 billion dollars. In 2021, it was $355 billion dollars.

Let’s bring back business from China.

No transgender should participate in our women’s sport!

Given the current environment with misguided justice policies which have released thousands of individuals into our neighborhoods, who are violent, mentally ill and or who are chronic offenders, the right and responsibility for my safety, my family and yes, your family depends on our commitment to protecting our 2nd Amendment Rights.

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The 32nd congressional district boundaries currently include the communities of:


"I am a freelance journalist, a publicist, work in PR, marketing and as business coordinator endorses Lucie Volotzky for Congressional District 32.

Lucie is equal to courage; she wants to go to represent and fight in Washington D.C. so that Californians can have a better life. You need courage to want to make the difference in the House of Representative deep state political cesspool.

Stand behind and support those who will represent you, fight for you, and not enslave you to their mismanagement, nonsensical agenda. Take a stand, support Lucie."
Lucie Volotzky for Congress 6
Nurit Greenger
I would like to extend my enthusiastic endorsement of your campaign for Congress. Your knowledge of our community and background as a small business owner makes you the right candidate for this race. I appreciate the voice that you will provide for our neighborhoods in Washington DC. Feel free to use my endorsement in any manner that benefits your campaign. I look forward to working with you for many years to come.
Lucie Volotzky for Congress 7
John S. Lee
Councilmember, 12th District
Patriots for Freedom PAC announced its official endorsement of Lucie Volotzky for CA- Congress District 32.

Lucie’s issues: Immigration, economy, homelessness, education, public safety, small business, women’s sports and 2nd Amendment.

Patriots for Freedom has complete confidence in Lucie Volotzky’ s knowledge, experience and devotion to save and serve her community.

Patriots for Freedom PAC wholeheartedly endorses Lucie Volotzky for CA- Congress District 32.
Lucie Volotzky for Congress 8
Patriots for Freedom PAC
“Lucie is a solid Republican, fighting against the Executive Order tyranny of Gavin Newsom” …”
For that reason, I want to stand squarely with her as we work to end this One-Party State”
Pastor Rob McCoy
God Speaks Church, Newbury Park
Former Mayor
City of Thousand Oaks
“The 32nd Congressional district needs common sense leadership; I believe that Lucie Lapointe Volotzky is that leader. Common Sense Conservative values, Pro Business, Pro Family, Pro America. Just what the 32nd and the Country needs right now."
Lucie Volotzky for Congress 9
Mike Judge
Retired LAPD Officer and
Simi Valley City Council Member
On April 19, 2022, the California Congress of Republicans held a Special Endorsement Convention. We are privileged to inform you that our delegates voted to endorse you for the United States Congress representing California 32nd District.

The California Congress of Republicans was founded in 1989 as a mainstream conservative, grassroots volunteer organization. We are permanently chartered by the California Republican Party (CAGOP).

Congratulations on your endorsement and the California Congress of Republicans look forward to working with you to elect you to the United States Congress.
Lucie Volotzky for Congress 10
Mark Hershey
President - California Congress of Republicans
Lucie is not a part of the Swamp. Lucie is a mother, a businesswoman, and an advocate for liberty and freedom. Lucie embodies government that is truly “by the people, and for the people.” It is without hesitation that I endorse Lucie Volotzky for District 30.
Lucie Volotzky for Congress 11
Pastor Jerry R. Cook
Freedom’s Way Baptist Church
I have watched you work hard to build better communities. Your support of basic American rights, stronger neighborhoods, good jobs, public safety, and prosperity for all is what I expect of a Member of Congress. If America is to pull itself out of the current toxic political situation, it will require dedicated and honest individuals to fight for us. You are that type of leader.

I wish you well in your campaign and urge all voters in this Congressional District to join me in voting for Lucie Volotzky.
Greig Smith
Councilman City of Los Angeles 12th District (Ret.)
“Lucie has worked tirelessly to meet the constituents of District 38 and to understand their concerns. As a long-time business owner, Lucie grasps the challenges facing today’s businesses and their employees. She will work to bring consensus and common sense to California’s Congress. We can count on Lucie’s proven work ethic and integrity.”
Elaine Litster
Councilwoman City of Simi Valley

Lucie Volotzky was endorsed for State Assembly in 2020 by

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The 32nd congressional district boundaries currently include the communities of: