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The Issues

As an immigrant, and as a woman, there was a sense of pride and satisfaction when I went into the polling booth to cast my vote for a candidate or issue. As an adult I am fully accustomed to the outcome not correlating with the way I voted, but I respected the vote of those who made other choices and voted in accordance with their values.

But failing to elect someone or pass or defeat an issue due to others positions and votes is not the same as having to exercise my right to vote in a system designed to influence the outcome rather than respect ones right to vote.

Much too often abusees or misdeeds are accepted and written off as a unintended consequence of a system where there are too few resources, personnel or even public interest.

Low voter turnout has become the norm rather than the exception.

Coming through this past election cycle, the challenges and questionable behavior due to a mass ballot dump into a system which has failed to maintain accurate and creditable voter rolls, is not the model for National Policy.

The Right to Vote by Minorities and Women came at such a high cost that we cannot diminish that right, especially in the name of “For the People Act”. I stand for Voting Rights and against HR1 and the attempt to institutionalize Voting Rights Abuse.

Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness must include the right to work at the profession of your choice and if you choose to do so, perform your duties as an Independent Contractor.

Hard work and the opportunity for financial success are the foundation for Freedom. California legislators have infringed on those rights with Bills such as AB5.

Now at the Federal Level Special Interest groups are attempting to “Institutionalize” those same infringements on our Right to Work with the “Pro Act”.  I stand firm for your right to be an Independent Contractor and against AB5 at the State Level and the Pro Act at the Federal Level.

History is engraved with the challenges faced by women and the efforts to overcome them. In all instances they were to bring parity and equality in the workplace, voting booth, and government. All while maintaining the respect for our individual differences, innate characteristics, talents, and abilities.

Equality did not equate to discrimination and systemic prejudice or unfair treatment of others.

This in not the case with HR 5 the “Equality Act”. The injustice being done to young female athletes by allowing Transgender Males to compete in female sports competition where the difference in body mass is a deciding factor, is discriminatory at best and criminal at worst. It has not only resulted in loss of opportunity for scholarships and educational access, but it has also resulted in several life changing injuries.

HR 5 must not be allowed. I will be a voice for our young women athletes and their parents.

As a woman I have the right to protect myself. As a mother, I have the responsibility to protect my children.

Those rights and responsibilities may require the use of a firearm.

As a Gun Owner, I will do everything in my power to protect our rights to purchase, own and if needed, use a firearm to protect my family.

Given the current environment with misguided justice policies which have released thousands of individuals into our neighborhoods, who are violent, mentally ill and or who are chronic offenders, the right and responsibility for my safety, my family and yes, your family depends on our commitment to protecting our 2nd Amendment Rights.

I commit to restore and rebuild our economy and bring back California jobs. I will fight Lorena Gonzalez, Gavin Newsom, their Union Thugs and their onerous regulations that have stifled and killed the best chance any of us have to get ahead.

I signed the Gig Worker Protection Initiative. When it qualified for the November Ballot, I was thrilled. I will work and campaign to make sure this initiative passes in November.

The best advocate for a child is their parent. The best advocates for a child’s health is their parent and their physician. Together they should decide what is the best course of medical treatment and preventative measures, including vaccines, are best suited for the individual child.

One can be for safe vaccines and not be anti vaccines.

This is a parental right and responsibility.

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The 30th congressional district boundaries currently include the communities of:

Lucie is not a part of the Swamp. Lucie is a mother, a businesswoman, and an advocate for liberty and freedom. Lucie embodies government that is truly “by the people, and for the people.” It is without hesitation that I endorse Lucie Volotzky for District 30.
Pastor Jerry R. Cook
Freedom’s Way Baptist Church
“Lucie is a solid Republican, fighting against the Executive Order tyranny of Gavin Newsom” …”
For that reason, I want to stand squarely with her as we work to end this One-Party State”
Pastor Rob McCoy
God Speaks Church, Newbury Park
Former Mayor
City of Thousand Oaks
“Lucie has worked tirelessly to meet the constituents of District 38 and to understand their concerns. As a long-time business owner, Lucie grasps the challenges facing today’s businesses and their employees. She will work to bring consensus and common sense to California’s Congress. We can count on Lucie’s proven work ethic and integrity.”
Elaine Litster
Councilwoman City of Simi Valley
You are doing a fantastic job.
Jennifer Horn
Radio Host - AM870 The Answer

Lucie Volotzky was endorsed for State Assembly in 2020 by

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